Kate Moss Is Still Not Married

Kate Moss

A rep for the supermodel has denied Jamie Hince wedding rumors.

Despite the rumors that spread like wild fire this weekend of a barefoot Kate Moss in a see-through white dress secretly tying the knot with beau Jamie Hince in Sicily last August, the supermodel's rep has denied that the two are actually married.   

Kate has been with the 40-year-old Kills guitarist since 2007 and engaged to him since her 36th birthday last January, but this denial probably comes as no surprise to the many skeptics out there who aren't so sure the hard-partying mother will ever truly settle down. Kate Moss Announces Her Engagement!  

Though for something that is said to be false, there certainly are a lot of details circulating about the supposed low-key and spiritual ceremony where the couple danced under the trees surrounded by a small close-knit group of friends.   

But even for a someone like Kate, who tries (albeit fails really badly on occasion) to keep her private life out of the public eye, it would have been a major feat to have hidden the wedding of the world's most famous model from the public for that long. It's not like we expect to see the wedding pics in US Weekly or anything, but it seems like someone would leak the news a little sooner. Kate Moss Engaged To Jamie Hince, Again  

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