48% Of You Would Date A Bisexual Man

gavin rossdale and marilyn gay fling

News of Gavin Rossdale's fling prompts us to ask: Would you date a guy who was once or is bisexual?

It's been a longstanding rock gossip rumor that Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush, had a teenage romance with a cross-dressing pop star named Marilyn. On the surface this seemed like the kind of outlandish tall tale that couldn't possibly be true, right? He's got that tall, dark butch masculine thing going on. He's married to Gwen Stefani for Godsakes. Gavin Rossdale with a man? Never!

Regardless, Marilyn (nee Peter Robinson) and friend Boy George have told books, publications ad media outlets far and wide for eons that Gavin and Marilyn were once hot and heavy back in the '80s. Some reports even have them dating for as long as 5 years, beginning when Rossdale was only 17. Finally, Rossdale broke his silence about the whole matter in the upcoming issue of Details magazine. To his credit, he admitted that, yes, he and Marilyn were intimate, but it was just teenage experimentation. He even told the magazine, "I don't think there's anything strange about any form of—you're learning about life." Gavin Rossdale Confirms Gay Fling

Surely, none of us would want to be judged for decisions made—even (and especially) ones involving clothing—when we were 17. But male and male sexual experimentation is one of the great gender double standards that's tricky for men. When drunk college girls make out it's sexually arrousing to the opposite sex, but if two young men figure out their sexuality together alarm bells sound for the women they may at one time date.

Or do they? According to a YourTango poll, 48 percent of respondents said they would date a bisexual man, while 52 percent said they wouldn't. Here's what a handful of women had to say about getting involved with a bisexual guy:

"Yes, absolutely. I find it refreshing when a guy is open about his sexuality. I think I'd be fine if it was in his past, but if I had to worry about him desiring men while we were together, then that might be a problem." - Bethany, 29, administrative assistant.

"That would be tough for me, honestly. I guess it would depend on a lot of factors but if he's dated or had sex with men, then I basically would assume he's gay and isn't brave enough to come out of the closet. Thank God I've never been in that position!" - Lauren, 31, insurance broker

"Yes, in fact, I'd rather date a guy who was once bisexual then one who is homophobic. I can't stand close-minded homophobia." Leah, 28, advertising account manager.

"If it was just an isolated incident or two then fine. But if he had been in love with a man and in a long-term relationship, then well, I probably wouldn't be able to get that out of my mind." Sandra, 23, actress.

"Everyone falls somewhere on The Kinsey Scale (0 "exclusively heterosexual" to 10 "exclusively homosexual"), so I basically assume that most of us have either experimented or at least fantasized about it." Rachel, 34, writer.

"I would date a guy who had experimented in the past, but not one who currently does. I can't imagine having to worry about both men and women!" Kelly, 30, graphic designer My Computer Made Me Gay

Tell us your thoughts: would you date a bisexual man? Should Gavin Rossdale's bisexual experimentation raise a red flag about his sexuality?