Justin Bartha To Propose To Ashley Olsen?

Ashley Olsen Justin Bartha

Ashley Olsen's beau of two years was spotted shopping for engagement rings.

When it comes to twins, do you think there is friction over who gets married first? Well, let's hope not for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's sake, because Ashley's beau of two years Justin Bartha was just spotted out shopping for engagement rings and Mary-Kate is currently unattached.  

The Olsens don't come across like a pair who get jealous of one another and Ashley has always seemed the more traditional of the 24-year-olds, so it's no surprise that she would settle down first. But it seems that Ashley has not always had marriage on her mind. According to HollywoodLife.com Justin has proposed once before and Ashley declined because she didn't feel like she was ready. Mary-Kate Olsen's...Not Engaged  

That Ashley sure seems to have a good head on her shoulders, when lots of other girls her age would have run to the alter she decided to stay single and focused on her work. As the CEO of a multi-million dollar company and the designer for the two uber successful lines Elizabeth and James and The Row, her focus and hard work has certainly paid off. D.J. Tanner Shares Her Secret For Wedded Bliss  

But now it seems she is finally ready to say yes to The Hangover star and start planning the low-key wedding they both are hoping for. It looks like we must keep an eye out for a rock on the mini-mogul's finger popping up sometime soon. Can you guess who her maid of honor will be?

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