Megan Fox Is Done With Being A Sex Symbol

Megan Fox

The actress gushes about her husband Brian Austin Green and wants to have a baby.

Megan Fox has always followed in the footsteps (some say, strategically) of role model Angelina Jolie, so it’s no wonder that she’s ready to put her Sexiest Woman Alive image on the back-burner and create a more family-friendly persona.

After her movie, Jennifer’s Body, tanked at the box office, reportedly because some Hollywood insiders thought that Megan had no appeal to women, the 24-year-old actress is trying her hardest to reach out to those not impressed with her boobs by gushing about her marriage to hubby and former 90210 star, Brian Austin Green, whom she married this past summer after dating for 6 years.

"Getting married was the best thing I've ever done. I married my best friend. I'm so lucky to get to be with him every day, and he's my protector. I feel so safe and happy and completed," the actress said. Megan also openly wept recently when a Canadian reporter asked her about Brian’s statement that he doesn’t validate his life by his job, but by his wife and son. Megan Fox And Katy Perry's Secret Weddings

"It's just amazing to have someone you love so much," she told the interviewer, reports the New York Post, adding: "You just made me cry. You are like the Barbara Walters of 'ET Canada.'"

Brian Austin Green, who’s own career has seen a boost since getting married and is set to guest star on Desperate Housewives, told Details Magazine that Megan is an amazing step-mother to his 8-year-old son:

"She is absolutely my better half in parenting. She just gets it. It's instinctual for her. She loves my son, Kassius. And from the time we started dating - you know, she was 18 - she stepped in and took control. It's unbelievable. At 18, I was like, 'Hey, which club is open tonight? And how cool do my pants look? Can I sneak a drink across the bar without getting caught?'" Why Men Like Megan Fox

Megan agrees that parenting suits her, although she admits that it’s a lot of hard work:

"I've been a stepmother for six years and it's amazing...I really enjoy it. It’s a lot of work but I like it. It grounds me. I like being domestic."

So, can we expect to see Megan pregnant soon with a baby of her own?

"I would love to be a biological mommy some day...That would make me very happy," she told People.

Don’t be surprised if Megan Fox is sporting a baby bump or starring in a romantic comedy soon. It looks like the sex symbol wants to morph into a box-office winning super-mom, à la Angelina Jolie.