Michael Buble Is Wearing A 'Man-Gagement' Ring

Michael Buble engagement ring
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Is it us or has singer Michael Buble become a thousand times more interesting since he's gotten engaged to Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato?

The 34-year-old crooner recently showed off his "man-gagement ring," which Luisana insisted on, reports the Daily Mail.

"The boy also wears the engagement ring [in Argentina]. That's what she tells me anyway," said Michael when asked. (Or perhaps Luisana just wanted to keep the groupies away until they officially get hitched?)

The couple first met in 2008 after Michael, who previously dated actress Emily Blunt, performed a concert in Buenos Aires. However, they almost didn't get together because Luisana mistakenly assumed that Michael was into men. Michael Buble's Girlfriend Thought He Was Gay

"I spotted her in the crowd and thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on, but she came backstage with this good-looking dude and I assumed it was her boyfriend," said Michael.

"The other problem was that I don't speak Spanish and she had no English. But the guy did, so I just spoke to him. I was a bit nervous because of how beautiful she was. The more I drank, the more I made things worse. I was saying to him, 'You're a good-looking dude' and 'You guys are a good-looking couple.'"

Fortunately, or rather unfortunately for Michael's die-hard female fan base, he was able to clear that up once he found out that she was single. The two are set to marry in 2011.

Luisana has also has told Michael that she would like to name their future kids after Twilight characters, something that he is not on board for.

"I came up with some hypothetical names and I didn’t like the names, but she came up with … Bella Buble," said the singer, reports People Magazine.

"I swear to god, she kept coming up with these names, and she kept saying, 'Bella [or] I like Edward.' And then I realized, I think she’s talking about …Twilight."

Clearly, Luisana is both a Robert Pattinson and a Michael Buble fan! She must have a thing for men with high-maintenance hair.

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Photo Credit: The Daily Mail