The Best Of The Web: Sexy Spots & Fake Accents


Plus sex advice from the abstinent and what he really means.

Jeepers creepers, is the World Cup starting already? That must mean something to someone, right? In the meantime, let's check out the best the internet had offer this week in the world of love and relationships.

According to our buds at COED Magazine, not every place on your "must list" is really that great for getting it on. While there are more uncomfortable places to have sex, the back of a Volkswagen is problematic. Read: His 4 Outdoor Sex Fears

For a little contrast, the crew at The Frisky is working from a place of "a little more optimism." They mention about 10 great spots for outdoor sex in the summer. Hmm. An air conditioned room after a few Bud Lights sounds pretty OK too, I just don't like sweat or sunscreen in my eyes, OK?  

Per Lemondrop, the best place to TRY for some nocturnal action is anywhere but where you're from. They discuss the sexiness of being a stranger in a strange land.

My brosephs, Dave and Ethan (Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell), "attempt to use foreign accents" to pick up ladies in NYC in the vid below. Hope you're wearing plastic underoos as you may pee your pants.

 Some guys do incredibly "douchey" things to pick up gals. The crew at Guyism breaks down the 8 douchiest things we do to "impress ladies." For the life of me, I can't figure out why "working hard, making lots of money and being really handsome" didn't make the cut. Read: D-bags Allowed To Be With Hot Chicks

I like to think of divorce as more of a new beginning rather than some other beginning's end (yep, closing time) but "some people" still think it's "really sad." Glo highlights the seven deadly sins of divorce. I say watch War Of The Roses and do the opposite.

A number of relationships fail due to infidelity, to prevent effing around on the side, Crushable argues that some trifling dudes ought to wear a relationship ring to avoid "misunderstandings." Ugh, the last thing we need is more jewelry on men, unless it's Puka shells, God, I need more Puka shells in my life.  

Periodically, a fellow (or gal) may cheat and not know he (or SHE) is cheating. This is one of many danger of an undefined relationship. My homies Em & Lo ( discuss the shortcomings of "avoiding labels." 

MomLogic has a newish feature called "Just A Guy." This time around, a guy discusses why he digs making "more scratch" than his woman. Peeling off a hundo (hundred dollar bill), handing it to someone and calling it "walking around money" is pretty fun.

From a guy who says what he means to a guy decoder. Betty Confidential breaks down what a fella means versus what he says. I wonder what "I'm tired of having sex with you" means? Watch: How To Interpret Man Speak

On the topics of tired and sex, Asylum tells us that sexomnia (AKA "sleep sex") is way more prevalent than we once thought. Please remember there's a difference between sleep sex and "falling asleep while having sex." The latter is not acceptable.

Finally, Nerve has sex advice from people pledged to abstinence. Suspiciously absent is "Don't put your finger in someone's bottom unless you want to make a butt baby."

If you've links you think I'll like, hollers. Else, leave fun comments.