5 Love Lessons From Tae Kwon Do

tae kwon do
Love, Self

The Fist Foot Way has has some great things to teach about both livin' and love.

Tae Kwon Do, roughly translated to "the art of kicking and punching" (or the Fist Foot Way, if you love Danny McBride), is one of the most popular martial arts in America. The Korean fighting style was once known for its striking blows, but has since incorporated holds, pressure points and takedowns. Outside of the kicky-punchy part, the sport also incorporates katas (practiced, slow stretching gestures), meditation and solid citizenship.

Tae Kwon Do isn't great for actual fighting, but is still worth pursuing even if McDojos lessen the value of a black belt. It's good discipline, a great place to meet someone and outstanding, fun exercise for anyone of any age. Though most people show up for the sweat and stay for the potent combative sexuality, the Art of Kicking and Punching has some damn fine lessons for love (and life):

The tenets of Tae Kwon Do (though there is some variety) are as follows:

1. Courtesy. Whether you're dating or just flirting, being polite and generally nice is a really good idea. Women Really Do Like Nice Guys

2. Integrity. Nine out of ten Helens agree: honesty is the best policy. Liar Liar! Why We Lie And How To Spot A Liar

3. Perseverance. Something something about how long it took to build Rome. Even nascent relationships take work, faith and stick-to-itiveness. Don't be a quitter.

4. Self-Control. Both a guy named Corinthian and another guy named Axl Rose advocate a little patience. If the bible and Guns N' Roses are on the same page, you know it's worthwhile. A level head is a good thing, though a small expression of anger can sometimes go a long way toward getting on the same page.

5. Indomitable spirit. My favorite Tae Kwon Do tenet. You can only be defeated by... yourself. Be brave, make some mistakes and remember that unless you do something really funny, they're not all going to laugh at you. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself... and the Herp, that ship is everywhere.

Any other martial arts love lessons? Kiyap! Enjoy the video.