Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman: Marriage Material?

Anne Hathaway Adam Shulman

After moving in together, are Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend heading towards marriage and babies?

We can’t help but feel that Anne Hathaway is the best friend we’ve never met. Not only is she completely adorable and hella talented, but she does a killer Mary Poppins impression. (Definitely BFF material.)

What with her being our sister-from-another-mister and all, we were extra sad for Anne when her dating life blew up in a very public and very illegal way. In case you missed it, Anne’s ex, Raffaello Follieri, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

You might say that we started questioning Anne’s choice in men, but sources indicate that her latest beau, actor Adam Shulman, is "…everything Raffaello wasn’t. He’s sensitive and kind to a fault." Now that Anne and Adam have hit the two-year mark (and moved in together!), it’s time to see if Adam is marriage material or just another flight risk.

According to their birth dates, Anne (born on November 12, 1982) and Adam (born on April 2, 1981) have a cosmic tendency to be "on again, off again." Their relationship assessment goes on to explain that, "if it’s not one thing, it’s another." The problem isn’t that they "detest each other," but more likely "they just expect too much from each other."

Specifically, Anne "tends to get emotionally needy," while Adam’s "personality can be so forceful that it might appear physically imposing to her." It’s "fairly easy for them to get seriously ticked off when they’re around each other, and like most people around them, we sometimes wonder why they don’t cut their losses."

One minute "they’re staging the break-up-to-end-all-break-ups…and the next minute, they’re crying and whining while they try to work their way back into each other’s good graces." Yeesh. The only silver lining we see is that, "with all this volatility, there’s a boatload of passion in store; if there weren’t, they’d have to be out of their minds to stick around."

They’re "seriously attracted to each other, which is usually enough motivation to have them kissing and making up in seconds flat." Even though this relationship "may not stand the test of time," it’s "definitely exciting (and infuriating) while it lasts."

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