Dating REFORM now!

Dating REFORM now!

By Africanlegend (

The Dating Game summed up and why it is STUPID!

Step 1
You meet. Either the guy comes up with something really witty to say or something paralyzingly stupid. It doesn't really matter, since she decided she would talk to you anyway because you matched your belt with your shoes and picked a fine pair of designer jeans. All essential attributes of a stand up man.

Step 2
Her friends, who are really her enemies, pull her away for bathroom trip number 700. Unless you have a wingman to distract all the spare women from realization of their own loneliness, which will automatically result in c-blocking.

Step 3
You think you have 5 minutes to impress her, when it is really more like 5 minutes not screw up. You blabber something about a great job and being a college bound athlete that blew out his knee in high school the spring season before college. You both know you are lying. You are too skinny too play anything but darts but she is really enjoying herself. She actually likes you.

Step 4
Her friends shake off the wingman, you see them coming. You only have a minute. You ask her for her number. She says, "If I give it to you will you call me?" You say, "yes." You think this exchange means that if you call her she will pick up. You are NOT an idiot to believe this.

Step 5
You sit there confused after you call her 2-3 days later (because that's how long you wait: 1 day = desperate, 2 days = perfect, at 12 midnight on day 3 she forgets you like a Goldfish.) and she doesn't pick up. Maybe she decides to send you a text message which spawns into some awkward exchange whereby you ask her out and she tells you how busy she is. She has to save the rain forest, resolve the middle east crisis and put an end to terrorism this week so she can't make it out to dinner forever.

Step 6

Obama recently reformed health care in the US. Now it is time to reform dating because all this strikes me as a horrible waste of time. Adults are behaving like Highschoolers and people are profiting off sheer stupidity. is currently drafting a "Dating Reform Bill" to put an end to wasteful spending, outdated ideas and inefficient programs in the dating game. We will reach across the isle to get both men and women involved in this bipartisan process and save the generations to come from being victims of "the dating game".

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COMING SOON: Dating Reform Bill: Article 1, Getting Numbers.