Katy Perry Takes Russell Brand's Name

Russell Brand and Katy Brand pose together.

Big mistake or really romantic? Read this before you decide.

And it's official. In a move that seems almost way too traditional for this crazy couple, Katy Perry takes her new husband's name. Yes, during a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pop singer revealed that she will soon be called Katy Perry Brand. It's not surprising that the topic came up, considering Ellen's wife recently changed her name from Portia De Rossi to Portia DeGeneres. But we were still a little shocked by Katy's announcement.

Now we're not totally sure where we stand on the whole taking-the-last-name thing yet, but it definitely seemed out of character for Katy. She just never struck us as the traditional wife type.  Then again, Russell Brand, a former party animal and sex addict, seems to have transformed into a one-woman man and doting husband since meeting Katy. So maybe the name change is just a big romantic gesture and a sign that these two are really committed to each other—forever.

But the skeptical folk over at PopBytes took a more cynical view, questioning (former) Ms. Perry's decision in light of her husband's unsavory past. Is it slightly naive to believe that unlike the slew of other Hollywood actresses who have taken their spouse's names, only to change their names back after their Hollywood fairytale ended in divorce (perhaps, Courtney Cox Arquette, Eva Longoria Parker and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ring a bell?), Katy Perry Brand's marriage will stand the test of time? We gotta admit that as much as we'd love to see Brand and Perry grow old and gray together, considering the divorce rate in Hollywood these days, the chances of the pair even making it a year are slim.

Sorry to be a total celeb love buzz kill, but celebrity couples have enough trouble making it work even when one of them isn't a recovering sex addict. And the jury is still out on whether a person ever recovers from this affliction or if like other addictions, relapses are almost inevitable. Sure, Katy may be able to satisfy Russell's carnal appetite now, but what's going to happen after the newlywed high wears off, and she's tired or pregnant or just not in the mood. It seems like every couple faces a sex slump (or at least decline) at some point in their relationship. So when that happens to the Brands (doesn't it kinda feel weird to say?), will Russell return to his philandering ways? And then will Katy and Russell part ways? (What a great line for Katy's post-Brand ballad, if we do say ourselves.)

We're sure that Sandra Bullock is pretty psyched she kept her last name when she married Jesse James, and we're gonna bet that Eva Longoria Parker can't wait to cut the "Parker" from her name. 'Cause come on, who really wants to be called by your cheating ex's last name? But it's not like you can just cut the hyphen off, and pretend like the whole thing never happened once you officially change your name. As anyone who's ever gotten married and filed the paperwork knows, it's a pretty big pain to change your name on every official and not-so-official document (think: credit cards, bank accounts, driver's license, passport, email addresses, mailing address, business cards, social security card….), not to mention the monogrammed towels, make-up bags, etc. It makes us tired just thinking about all the work to do it in the first place, let alone undo it!

But what do you guys think? Is it smart for celebs to take their spouse's name? Or, considering that celebrity marriages last about once in a blue moon, should stars, like Katy, just keep their names? And isn't your surname part of your celebrity identity once you become famous—so is it a smart move from a professional standpoint even if you do defy the odds and stay hitched?

Photo credit: INF