Be A Great Groom: 3 Wedding Planning Tips For Men

An excited groom on his wedding day.

Get your man involved! Three wedding planning tips just for the groom.

The wedding planning period is a crazy one, stressful, exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. There isn't a chance to think, let alone bring your man up to speed on all the wedding details. Some men might feel a little lost in the shuffle, but it's important that he's involved in your big day.

If you give him specific tasks he can deal with himself, he'll feel like he's making an impact, and you'll be able to relax a bit.

We've talked to three male wedding gurus in order to get advice tailored specifically for the groom. So don't let your man slack off on the wedding planning front; send him these three groom tips instead. You can worry less, and he can be more central in the process. It's his wedding, too! How To Include Him In The Wedding Planning

Grooms, you can:

1. Plan something fun. The groom can plan an aspect of the wedding that is considered fun, but also important. "Most guys think there isn't anything for them to do once they've popped the question," says founder Mike Arnot. "It turns out that there's a lot of groom duties. Most of them can be pretty fun, like planning the honeymoon or picking the wedding transportation. Matching Beemers come to mind!" Your post-wedding travel plans to Hawaii? Those can be all his. Or maybe he can decide which vehicle you'll be hanging that "Just Married" tag on. Let him coordinate something exciting. Best Job Ever: Honeymoon Tester-Outer