Olivia Wilde Is A Sexy Italian Princess

Olivia Wilde

Kate who? Olivia Wilde is an Italian princess AND a Hollywood star.

Look out, Kate Middleton - Olivia Wilde might just steal your thunder. Not only did she show up at a premiere in London recently, wearing a suspiciously familiar-looking blue ring, but, evidently, she has snagged herself a prince too.

The 26-year-old actress who stars in the upcoming sci-fi action movie, Tron: Legacy, married her 35-year-old Italian "prince-turned-filmmaker" husband, Tao Ruspoli, in 2003, and became a de facto princess, thanks to Tao's royal lineage.

“I am technically a princess," Olivia told ShowBizSpy.com. "But he’s not really an acting prince and so I’m not a proper princess. The title is obsolete now and just an aristocratic term. There’s lots of history which is nice, and it comes in handy for dinner reservations but that’s about it!"

The upside to not being a "proper" princess? Olivia hasn't had to retire from Hollywood, the way that another famous actress-turned-princess did. (Grace Kelly never made another movie after becoming Princess Grace of Monaco, despite supposedly wanting to. Her husband, Prince Rainier, also banned all of her films from being screened in the tiny principality! Maybe it made him jealous to see her making out with other men on screen?) Prince Albert Of Monaco Is Finally Engaged

Olivia's career, on the other hand, has only seemed to sky-rocketed since her wedding - and because Italy no longer recognizes its royal family, no one seems to mind that Olivia wears skin-tight body suits in her movies (like her one in Tron) or poses for "fashion" shoots with her hand down her pants.