Amy Smart Is Dating A Really Hot Carpenter

Amy Smart Carter Oosterhouse

We bet the actress' new boyfriend, HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse, is good with his hands!

Quick: if you're a Hollywood actress, what's the best way to promote your new movie?

Well, if you're Amy Smart, you let the cat out of the bag about your hot, new boyfriend, it seems. The actress, who stars in the upcoming film, Dead Awake, (coming to a theater near you on December 3) has reportedly been dating HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse since the summer.

And, according to what we're reading on, neither of the photogenic twosome was really looking to meet anyone after both going through hard breakups. But, like some of the cooler love stories we hear about, their romance happened fast -- and, within months, they were hanging out with each other's parents and getting involved with charitable organizations together. (Carter even has his own charity, Carter's Kids, where he works with children in different communities to build playgrounds in their neighborhoods and increase their activity level. Seriously, could he be any more dreamy?!)

So, anyway, a hot carpenter is one thing, but a hot carpenter who loves kids is just that much cooler, and we dig their relationship because we think Amy rocks too, ever since we saw her in flicks like Butterfly Effect, Road Trip and Varsity Blues. So, kudos to her for landing herself such a beautiful piece of work like Carter. He also seems to have quite the talent for building things, which could come in handy, should Amy ever find herself with a car full of IKEA furniture. (Although, forget IKEA, we bet Carter would treat his girlfriend to custom furniture. He strikes us as that kind of guy.)

We also can't help but wonder whether he wears the tool belt when he isn't working ...Like, perhaps ocassionally in the bedroom? (Ahem, ahem.)

In any case, Amy is a lucky girl! Here's hoping an actress-carpenter relationship can go the distance in this crazy world!

Photo Credit: INF