Kourtney Kardashian Knew It Was Over When...

Kourtney Kardashian Knew It Was Over When...

Is it really over between her and Scott Disick?

If only Kourtney Kardashian had been able to stay strong! In part one of KUWTK's season finale, Kourtney kicked Scott out and changed the locks. Since we know she's still with him, the drama's gratuitous, but no less fun. Here's the rundown.

It seems like Scott can't win with the Kardashian family, but after part one of the episode, it's understandable. While Kris managed to snag Scott a job working on the QuickTrim campaign, he complained that she never gave him a chance... and then he freaked out and crashed a business meeting/b-day party. Pretty soon his child is going to be more mature than he is.

"I honestly feel like no matter what I do in this family, no matter what I achieve, I'll never be what Kris wants," Scott complained to the cameras before his diva fit.

Now in Las Vegas for Kim's 29th birthday, Scott showed how much he couldn't be trusted. Being fall-down drunk, he was banned from dinner and later cut off from drinking when he showed up anyway. Enraged at being unable to order one more, Scott charged his waiter and tried to shove a $100 bill in his mouth. He later stayed out all night partying.

When Kourtney returned to L.A., she said "He can go move right back to New York and do whatever the f-k he wants and I could care less."

We know they reconciled after this was filmed, so... do you think that Kourtney and Scott have staying power?

Written by Meieli Sawyer Detoni for LimeLife.

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