Sunbathing & Other Natural Aphrodisiacs

sun aphrodisiac

Go lay in the sun and nosh on garlic—your sex drive will thank you.

All of us know one too many glasses of Pinot Grigio will excite even the most sexually adverse—but did you know a few hours in the sun does the same trick, minus the hangover?

A recent Australian study says sunlight is a natural aphrodisiac, raising testosterone levels in men and boosting libido by as much as 69%. Apparently hormones wrapped up in sex drive get an added boost from Vitamin D. Thus a few extra hours absorbing the rays (with some SPF slathered on, no doubt) could give a lackluster sex drive a surge. Summer Fling Checklist

How low-maintenance and cheap! Are they going to start installing sun lamps in dingy bars?

This does make sense, though. There's nothing like a balmy day at the beach to make one feel better life in general. But this got us to thinking. What are some other outside-the-box aphrodisiacs to get the blood pumping? Lavender scented candles and chocolate need not apply.

1.) Pumpkin Pie: After a day at the beach, pop one of these babies in the oven for a double punch of prurient activity. According to Alan Hirsch, a neurologist at Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the aroma of pumpkin pie increases blood flow to the penis by 40 percent. The dessert also gives the body zinc, an essential chemical for blood flow and testosterone production. Thanksgiving

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