5 Love Lessons From "Lost"

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Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of TV's "Lost" crew have taught us some valuable love lessons.

Beyond smoke monsters and the Dharma Initiative, Lost is really about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the bonds between them (OK, and Sawyer's abs). Here are five love lessons we've learned from Lost; thankfully you don't have to be stranded on a tropical island to take advantage of these relationship tips.

1. Sorry, Jack: You can't deny real attraction.

Oh, the delicious tension of a love triangle. Who will Kate choose: good-guy Jack or bad-boy Sawyer? In real life Kate could have saved herself six seasons of worry by admitting she wanted Sawyer from the get-go. You don't get busy in a dirty gorilla cage unless you really like a guy. Kate tried to talk herself out of her attraction to Sawyer (and yes, on paper a doctor looks better than a con artist), but she learns that Sawyer has a heart just as golden as his hair. It's a common problem in relationships: when we're confronted with someone who takes our breath away, it's easier to run away than to lose control, which is totally Kate's M.O. But to truly open yourself up to love, you have to be willing to open up, stay put, and risk getting hurt. Denying real attraction just means you deny a chance for real love. 3 Things Weeds Teaches Us About Love

2. That being said: Don't sleep with con artists just because they have great abs.

And nice cheekbones, good god. Yes, you have to let go to truly fall in love. But make sure it's the real deal; Sawyer conned a lot of ladies who fell for his surface charms (remember Cassidy, who had his baby Cassandra?). If you want a carefree romp, that's cool—just make sure you don't leave a suitcase of money lying on the bed. If you're going for love—especially with a confident man—just make sure he's so into you he'd jump off a helicopter to save your life. 7 Traits Of Irresistible Men

3. Hey Freckles: Build intimacy with your own secret language.

How hot is Sawyer's amazing ability to bestow a genius nickname on everyone he meets? Take a tip from Sawyer and come up with a cool nickname for your man. ("Pookie" doesn't count, unless used ironically.) It can help build intimacy and add a playful note when you're messing around. We'd stay away some of his choices though; "Skeletor" could be taken the wrong way. Which Love Language Do You Speak?