Lance Armstrong Is Engaged

Lance Armstrong

The sports star proposes to his pregnant girlfriend.

Is there something in the water out in Hollywood? First Johnny Depp, now this: cyclist Lance Armstrong is also engaged. The sports star and former Hollywood man-about-town has proposed to his pregnant girlfriend, Anna Hansen in a romantic proposal on the beaches in Hawaii. Lance has been dating Anna very quietly for a little while and now she is pregnant with his fourth child. Celebitchy found a quote from the article as a close friend of the cyclist gave a little insight to In Touch, saying “Lance proposed on the beach. Although he has a reputation as a ladies’ man, he’s also very traditional, and just feels more comfortable being married before having a baby.”

A little recap here for those keeping score: this will make Lance’s third engagement and second marriage. The Tour de France-winning phenom was married to ex-wife Kristin Richards with whom he has three kids: Luke, 9, and twins Isabelle and Grace, 8. Lance was then engaged to rocker Sheryl Crow in a very public relationship but broke it off with some unfortunate timing as the singer was diagnosed shortly thereafter (and beat) breast cancer. He was then romantically linked to a plethora of Hollywood starlets, including Kate Hudson. Now it appears he is ready to settle down and make it official with his gorgeous girlfriend. We wish them both the best of luck with the new baby and are, in fact, pretty stoked that Lance has decided to come out of retirement and ride in the Tour de France again.

So, he’s training for the Tour de France, getting married, having another kid and running a philanthropic organization after beating cancer. Makes dudes that can’t put the toilet seat down look kinda shabby, doesn’t it?