Love Bytes: No Love For The Long-Legged?

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Hottest Christmas movie scenes, creepy homemade sex dolls, and how to break up with a nice guy.

10 must-click love and relationship links.

Johnson & Johnson has come out with new pill, Priligy, which prevents premature ejaculation. While the drug awaits approval from the FDA, it is already on sale in nine countries. [TresSugar]

Say what? A study conducted by university researches revealed that men prefer women with "proportional" legs over women with long ones. [Asylum]

Hugh Grant, the self-declared "charlatan" of the movie business, talked to PopEater earlier this week about his worn-out appearance and his affinity for romantic comedies. [PopEater]

Eww: Check out this homemade sex doll gone wrong. Some people shouldn't be craftsmen—or, for that matter, have sex with dolls. [Buzzfeed]

It looks like Elin's made up her mind. According to news outlets, the Tiger Woods divorce is now "100 percent on." [HuffPo]

What can men learn about women by getting a pedicure? [Divine Caroline]

Bust out the mistletoe and get a small fire going! Here are the 8 sexiest scenes in Christmas movie history. [Nerve]

Hate wolf whistles? The staff at Double X discusses whether catcalls are compliments or a form of harassment. [Double X]

It's one thing to break up with a jerk. It's another to end things with someone who's actually pretty great. Read Glamour's advice on ending things with a nice guy. [Glamour]

What quirky invention has Japan debuted now? Hint: It involves boobs. [CollegeCandy]