Kate Hudson Is So Over Alex Rodriguez


The bubbly actress appears to be in high spirits after recent breakup.

While A-Rod was living it up in Miami and telling random girls that he was "definitely single," ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson showed up on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her new movie, Nine.

Kate seemed her old bubbly self, but in stark contrast to last week's giggly gushing to David Letterman over A-Rod, she talked to Jimmy about nearly everything but the baseballer. Kate even had a ball playing beer pong with her host. She certainly didn't look like a woman nursing a broken heart! And she didn't seem to have any ill will towards her ex-lover. No snarky comments about his centaur obsession or how he dumped her after she helped him win the World Series.

Perhaps Kate is just so used to dating bad boys that it's business as usual when her relationships end? We hope that the lovely blonde can find herself a good, stable man soon. Hey, Kate...what about Hugh Grant? The British charmer is just moping around the golf course waiting for the right woman to star in his real life rom-com! Celeb Couples We’d Pair Up