Nicolas Cage Sued By Ex-Girlfriend


Nic's legal and financial woes continue.

Christina Fulton, Nicolas Cage's ex-lover and mother of his teenaged son Weston, filed a suit against the actor on Wednesday, citing "fraud and breach of contract." 

Christina claims that, "Cage, due to his personal choice and lifestyle, was not exercising his joint physical and custody rights." So, in exchange for giving up her career and raising their child on her own, Nic bought her a house and was supposed to sign over the title. However, Christina was served with an eviction notice in September, after discovering that the deadbeat dad never transferred the title.

Nic's ex is also suing Cage's business manager, Samuel Levin, against whom Nicolas filed his own suit in October, in which the actor alleged that Levin's mishandling of his money has practically led him to the poor house. Nicolas has already had to sell off several of his homes (something about that sentence makes it hard to feel too bad for him) and will be forced to sell other major assets in order to pay the $6 million he now owes in back taxes. Is His Financial Status A Deal Breaker?

Hmm, Nic needs a big payday. Maybe it's time to make The Rock II? Or Moonstruck Again!

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