Ashton And Demi Tweetup In The Bedroom


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore tweet their way to the bedroom, using TwitPic.

This past weekend, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore took TMI to a new level by posting TwitPics of themselves with personal messages written on their hands. The messages weren't especially racy. They said things like "what r u doin l8tr?" and "race u to the bedroom." But the blogosphere exploded with the news of their Twitter-enabled foreplay. 21 Twitter Pick-Up Lines (er, Tweets)

Their tweeting practices raise several questions:

1. In an age of oversharing and celebrity transparency, will gossip mags eventually become obsolete? Could this, in fact, be considered a full frontal assault by the celebrities themselves on our paparazzi-driven culture? Celebs like Eli Roth have cyber sex with their followers. Others, like Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, straight-out strip. And on the less risque level, other stars—like Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson—are having all-out Twitter feuds. What more do we need to know? What new and exclusive information are we paying for when we pick up the latest copy of Us Weekly?

2. How transparent are celebs really being? In the midst of this past weekend's tweets, Moore poses with a package of Wanted perfume, a new fragrance by Helena Rubinstein that she's promoting. Is celebrity use of social media just another means of subtly (and not-so-subtly) spamming us with advertising images? (Our Twitter feeds and spam boxes say yes, though we still hang on to Roth's every 140-character missive, and spam our own followers with news of our latest successes and accomplishments.)

3. How much is too much when it comes to Twitter? What's the most oversharey tweet you've ever seen? And did it make you click "unfollow," or just awaken the voyeur within?