What Does A Sex Addict Look Like?

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From Showtime's Californication to VH1's Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, sex addiction is all over the place. Because their drug is a natural, human desire, sex addicts are often portrayed as dapper dudes or luscious ladies living fun, exciting lives. Lemondrop: Sex: This Season's Hot New Addiction?

But there's nothing glamorous about sex addiction, said to affect 22 million Americans. Lemondrop spoke with two sex addicts about their experiences and recovery.

Jennie's Story

Sex addiction is defined as "the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex." The addict can't stop the behavior despite negative consequences. Lemondrop: Amazing and Addictive Timekillers


But the disease has more to do with intimacy avoidance than horniness—sex is used as a substitute for real closeness, as "Sex Rehab" cast member Jennie Ketcham, 26, can attest. Also known as former adult film star Penny Flame, Ketcham always struggled with intimacy. She points to several events—a traumatic childhood, preteen promiscuity, infidelity, a divorce—as possible causes. Lemondrop: Happy Divorce Day, Everybody!

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Written by Lauren Fritsky for Lemondrop.