'Scrubs' Budding Romance Might Save The Series

Buzz, Love

'Scrubs' potential romance between a rough-edged gal and a quirky guy might keep us tuning in.

Scrubs is in its ninth season. While the focus has changed (it's now called Scrubs: Med School; the silly-inner-dialogue main character is now Lucy, a first-year resident; and J.D. is a wise teaching fellow), the format remains the same.

Newbies, as Dr. Cox calls them, learn the delicate balance between sympathy and empathy (with a healthy serving of slapstick humor, you know).

While one might think that this one has most definitely jumped the shark, there is a little bit of hope, and it comes in the form of a budding romance between tough-as-nails Denise and flunked-out-of-med-school-once-already Drew. We won't recap their every interaction. Mainly because that's boring for you and us (don't you hate it when people go on and on?), and also because you can see for youself at abc.com. Yep, the whole episode.

But we will reinforce a point made in last night's episode: You have to put yourself out there to get something back. Denise actually a little too tough for us, a little too masculine at points, but she take a chance and asks Drew out for drinks. And he says no. Ouch. Learn To Flirt Like A Pro

Readers, what do you think? Have you ever made the first move and taken a chance? And did it pay off? We'd love to hear your story below.

Photo: ABC