Alec Baldwin Chooses Loneliness


Alec Baldwin tells the media that he'd rather be lonely than wrong.

It's difficult not to love Alec Baldwin when continually presented with his pure comedic genius on 30 Rock, week after week. But then we're reminded that Alec Baldwin is not Jack Donaghy. Alec Baldwin is Alec Baldwin, and he's done some pretty screwy things.

Among them is the contentious public custody battle he's been in for years, with ex-wife Kim Basinger, and the voice mail he left for his daughter Ireland in 2007, in which he called her a "rude, thoughtless little pig." He covered all of this—and more—in a recent interview with Men's Health magazine.

A large part of this interview centers around Baldwin's plans to cut his acting career short. "The goal of moviemaking," he said, "is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that." But the standout quote from this interview is in reference to his recent breakup from his girlfriend of seven years, who was fed up with the constant fights between him and Basinger. "I don't mind," he said of his breakup, when speaking to Men's Health. "I'd rather be lonely than wrong."

Earlier this month, Baldin had said that he'd love to try marriage again. "I have to find a really rich woman," he said, "so I can stay home and read books all day." Apparently, this girl wasn't the one.

It's okay, though. To be quite honest, sometimes we feel the same way.

But we typically keep those thoughts to ourselves.