3 Ways Gay Men Help A Lady's Love Life

gay friend helps dating life
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From dating to shoe advice, gay men are very helpful to woman's love life.

According to a recent Canadian study, women who have homosexual friends feel better about their bodies. Researchers attribute this to an increase in "attention from their gay friends" and we can imagine the ubiquitous, "You look hot, grrrl!" affirmations. Gay Porn Can Teach Men About Straight Sex

While it's no secret women and gay men get along like vodka and soda, who would've thought having your very own Will could help your self- esteem? Does this mean having a gay friend could theoretically help a girl's dating life? We've always been told the opposite. Who wants to hit on the chick who's having such an awesome time with her impossibly groomed male friend? Who can compete with that? Is Your Gay BFF Ruining Your Love Life?

But it actually makes sense. We're certain many a romantic downfall can be blamed on women spending too many hours in front of the mirror counting imagined cellulite ripples and carrying those fantasies into the bedroom, which got us to thinking: what are some other ways in which our gay friends may help our romantic lives? 7 Gay Men Straight Women Love

Sure, the below are all crude stereotypes of gay men—some of which will likely make a butch, football-watching homosexual red in the face—but humor us.

1.) They Are Still Men: Our gay friends (show-tune knowledge and drag queen pasts aside) are still men. Penises, testosterone, and those hopelessly binary brains—check, check and check. Somehow hearing an answer for "why didn't he call me back??!!" sounds just that much more believable from the male voice sitting across from you who periodically forgets how to use the phone, too. Oh, and these are men who chase after men. So it's a two-prong well of knowledge unparralled by even the wisest female confidant.

2.) They Know How To Dress Us: While straight guys aren't known for being snooty about a woman's shoe choice or whether she's over accessorized that black shift with one too many bracelets; gay men are always a wonderful pre-date consult. Many of them will notice the details that would elude your generic straight. We're certain Coco Chanel was consulting with her homosexual friends when the phrase, "before you leave the house take one thing off" was coined. 5 Fashion Choices That Turn Him Off

3.) They Rock The Rebound: All men have an uncanny ability to breathe new life into the words "moving on" and while the straights may do it with a basket of chicken wings, silence and baseball (crude stereotype #45), our gays do it sitting at an outside cafe, boy-watching with a cranberry Cosmo. While us lady folk can get lost in an analysis of what went wrong and why, our gays will cut it short and force us to go chat with that hot blonde over there they noticed the moment we walked in.