Levi Johnston Hides His Moose Nugget In Playgirl

Levi Johnston

Did Sarah Palin's porn accusations shame him into covering up?

When considering the hype over a possible glimpse of his nothern-lights-nether-regions in Playgirl, nobody says it better than Bonnie Fuller at her newly re-launched HollywoodLife.com: "What the fig, Levi?"

Agreed! What a let down and what a tease! As previously reported on CelebLove, the whole world was expecting some full-frontal from Levi Johnston. In fact, the nineteen-year-old was crowned "biggest pop-culture-turned-sex star" at the Fleshbot Awards last week; and you'd have to think, for that honor, an assumption of full-frontal was implied. Did we call it, or did we call it? Levi Gets Awarded For His Johnston, Prematurely

Alas, there was no wang:

Daniel Nardicio, a spokesman for Playgirl, confirmed Monday that the baby daddy of Sarah Palin's only grandson left something to the imagination in his photo shoot last week.

"He did not give 'full frontal' as his manager Tank (Jones) reported he would," Nardicio told the Daily News.

"We're thrilled with the photos we got, and are confident people will love them, but although there may be glimpses, we did not get full on frontal nudity," Nardicio said.

Earlier this month, Jones told the News he expected Johnston would pose "totally naked, unless something changes." He said he didn't expect anything to change. [Source: NY Daily News]

So what did change? Hmmmmm..... Could it be rogue agent, and Levi's baby's Grandmommy, Sarah Palin?

On The Oprah Winfrey Show Monday, Palin laid into Levi HARD with a few impressive zingers.

"I don't know if we call him Levi," she said. "I hear he goes by the name Ricky Hollywood now. So if that's the case, we don't want to mess up his gig he's got going."

Oh snap! Getting back into Grandma mode, Saracuda doled out some good old-fashioned shame, describing the photo session as a "kind of heartbreaking" venture into "porn." Then, under the guise of concern, she took a dig into both his maturity and intelligence.

"He's a teenager. I don't think he realizes quite yet what it is that he is being handled and orchestrated around — for him to be participating in this," she said.

Nothing like a true maverick to really shake things up, aye?

Photo via Flynet. Scoop via HollywoodLife.com