Letterman Kicked Out Of His Home?

david letterman

Rumor has it that Regina Lasko told the Late Show host to give her space.

Do you recall the 2004 R&B hit "Leave (Get Out)"? In the ballad, the female protagonist implored her no-good man to "Get out right now. It's the end of you and me." And rumor has it that Regina Lasko (Mrs. Letterman) is channeling the then 14-year old JoJo. According to Celebitchy, David Letterman's wife has tossed the gap-toothed late nighter out of their marital home.

Please keep in mind that this scoop comes secondhand from The National Enquirer (but they did get the John Edwards baby-mama drama right), so a grain of salt should be ingested with this information. But the story goes that Regina Lasko gave her wayward husband a chance to confess to everything and maybe she wasn't sufficiently impressed with his candor. Being a person with feelings and hopes and pride, she wanted to hear EVERYTHING rather than have anything new revealed to her by the press or Late Show colleagues.

Because she was not satisfied with a possibly less than forthcoming response, David Letterman was sent on his merry way. While Regina and their son continue to live in the Westchester mansion, Dave is "stuck" in his lower Manhattan penthouse. The story continues that Regina Lasko would like the Late Show host to figure out exactly what he wants to do while she takes the remainder of the year to decide to forgive or to forget the Top Ten list king.

As you likely recall, the entire Letterman infidelity issue came to a boil when Joe Halderman (in a pique of jealous greed) blackmailed the Late Show boss man over an affair that he discovered in his (their, really) girlfriend's (Stephanie Birkitt's) diary. Rather than pay the blood money, David Letterman turned the would-be extortionist in and has reaped the whirlwind since. Read: 8 Reasons I Sympathize With David Letterman

Stay tuned for the third act.

Photos via CBS.com