Logging Hookups Online: Do You Do It?

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Keeping track of everything (and everyone) you do? Online?

Up until recently, keeping score was something only sleazebags did to show off to their jealous friends. These days, it seems to be something of a trend: Everyday people keeping track of and sharing their sexual histories online. From "sex management tools" to diaries spilling all the dirty details, the web is rife with people airing their bedroom affairs. Famous London Call Girl Reveals True Identity

Prior to reading Violet Blue's San Francisco Chronicle article, we hadn't heard or seen the term "sex management tool." Take 10 seconds and guess what that is. It feels pretty vague, doesn't it?

Turns out, it's an online program to track your sexual history, plus a variety of other relevant data, from when you're ovulating to "how good he was." The neat part is that most of the programs analyze the info and spit out some pretty cool results, such as when to seek or avoid pregnancy and a comparison of your stats versus national averages. Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You

Violet created a Top 5 sex management tools list, and puts Bedpost at number one, calling it "the current top sex and dating organizational tool online." The site suggests you log in after you have sex and answer a few questions, claiming that "pretty soon you'll have a rolling history of your sex life on which to reflect." The Perks Of Sexual Dry Spells

While the easy-as-Excel structure of Bedpost keeps you sexually organized, journaling your sexual shenanigans online is gaining popularity, too. For example: New York magazine's Sex Diaries, which track all sorts of New York City hookup adventures (and loneliness, heartache, bitterness, and pure glorious love). Beware: Scanning these entries will easily eat an hour of your time.

And then there's Diddy tweeting during sex (supposedly), which strikes us as a bad yet impressive idea and has—as far as we know—yet to catch on. Diddy Does Tantra And Twitter

Readers, do you log in your love? Tell us below.