Justin & Jessica: Just Friends With Benefits?

justin timberlake jessica biel

Sources say Jessica and JT have come to an agreement: sex with each other, sex with others.

According to the rumor mills, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren't necessarily broken up. Instead, they have moved on to that awful, doomed, post-break phase: friends with benefits. See: Study Says 'Friends With Benefits' Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Most of the hearsay comes from Fox's 411, which documents a very leaky source that goes on and on about how the two are having sex, but not in an exclusive relationship. Apparently, the only way a desperate and distraught Jessica can keep Justin is to agree to an open relationship of sorts. 

Justin was very clear with Jessica that he didn't want to be in a serious relationship with her anymore where he wasn't able to date other people," says the insider. "Jessica took the news very hard, but once she calmed down and they started talking again, he convinced her to stay friends who hook up, without all the pressure of a relationship."

At first she was very reluctant, but she missed him a lot and so she decided to give it a try even though it wasn't exactly how she wanted things to be," the source explains. "She's still in love with him, and they are still attracted to each other, so it would have been difficult for them to quit each other cold turkey."

Justin gets the best of both worlds," says the source. "He doesn't have to lose Jess as a lover or a friend, but he's free to explore other [relationships]." [Source: Fox's 411]

We can't confirm the third-hand information, of course (we're just not that connected), but we will say that being Justin has its advantages. Tired of hottie-girlfriend? Go for stranger-hottie or club-hopping-hottie, or any of the other million women that throw themselves at you. Don't worry, Jess won't mind. 7 Tips for Beginning an Open Relationship

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