Discover the Art of Self-Pleasure

Discover the Art of Self-Pleasure

When it comes to sex education the last class you probably took was in high school. And though lots of things change once you make it out of the teen years, many of us could use an advanced refresher course. From sex concerns to erotic techniques, you needn't be shy or too afraid to ask questions when it comes to self-pleasure. That's why went to Babeland and selected some top picks from their library of books for your learning pleasure!
1. Guide to Getting it On: 4th Edition: From Orgasms, Sunsets, and Hand Grenades to Sex&Diabetes, The Guide to Getting It On, which in 2007 celebrated its 11th year in print and sales of over 600,000 copies, may be the greatest personal sex manual of our time. The 854 page bible, written by Paul Joannides, is considered the most comprehensive sex guide of our time.

2. The Orgasmic Diet: This nutrition and fitness based plan offers a completely new approach to fine-tuning your sexual response. The step-by-step plan helps regualte orgasm related chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine through a low-carb diet, supplements and intense pelvic workouts; helping to support body functioning, brain chemistry and sexual desire.

3. Sex for One (Betty Dodson, PH.D): A guide for the pre-orgasmic self-loving beginners or avid masturbation queens, Sex for One book celebrates solo sexual vitality between the sheets. Dodson's stories are colorful and inspiring and a tribute to women's pioneering self-sex practices. If you question your own interest or love of masturbation, Dodson will set the record straight: self-loving is revolutionary, educational, hot, and the safest sex there is!

4. Sex Toys 101: A Playfully Uninhibited Guide: The ultimate guide to choosing and using sex toys, written by the co-founders of Toys in Babeland (now Babeland). Learn the ins and outs of sexual anatomy, vibrators, strap-ons, lube, men's toys, butt play and more. Written in a fun, relaxed style and full of beautiful photographs, Sex Toys 101 is the first full-color guide to gear for satisfying sex.

5. Position of the Day Book (Nerve): Make the most of your time while doing your business with this educational AND great bathroom book. Hundreds of kama sutra techniques are neatly diagrammed for each day of the year, and include dfficulty ratings, how many calories you can burn and a place for notes.

6. Carma Sutra: The Auto Erotic Handbook (Alex Games and Esther Selsdon): Don't let high gasoline prices stop you from pulling over to the curb for a quickie. For boys who love their toys, this auto-erotic handbook offers a crash course in long distance love making. The step-by-step driver's manual is perfect for daily commuters or the long distance summer road trips!

7. Lover's Massage Book (Darrin Zeer): If you want to get the guy or the gal, an erotic hands-on back rub is key. If you're not sure where to get started, the lover's massage book delivers beginner basics of ancient bodywork techniques like Thai, Lomi Lomi, and Shiastsu so you will know how to impress and arouse any potential paramour.

8. The Low Down on Going Down: How to Give Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex (Marcy Michaels and Marie Desalle): When it comes to performing oral sex, many people feel they fall somewhere between fumbling and clueless. The Lowdown on Going Down provides practical and easy-to-follow techniques that will help improve your confidence in performing the delicate art of cunnilingus, including: exercises to strengthen your tongue, lips, and jaw; anatomy lessons; sensual kisses; advanced techniques; and hot new positions. Heterosexual focus.