Another Reason Not To Date Mr. Tough Guy

testosterone makes men stingy
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A new study suggests the more testosterone the stingier the man.

If you're the type to troll the gym hoping to pick yourself up a nice little He-Man, you may want to know that what you gain in muscle bulges, you may lose in generosity. 

A recent study conducted at Claremont Graduate University in California theorizes that men with the most testosterone are more selfish than those with a doughier physique. Researchers gathered volunteers and lathered half of them with testosterone-laden cream and the other half with a placebo. Testosterone Makes Chicks Think Like Dudes

Then the volunteers got into pairs and played a game where they decide how to split a $10 bill. As you would imagine, the ones with the hormone coursing through their veins were much more reluctant to give away a larger portion of the cash—27 percent more reluctant, in fact.

When said men tried on an even stronger version of the testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), they became ever more miserly. At it's peak, these men were only willing to give 55 cents (two quarters and nickel!) of their share and flat out refused anything less than $4 from the other person.

Several things run through our minds after reading these results. Obviously evolution plays a factor. Men who traditionally provided in the wild had to flex their masculinity in order to acquire the most resources for their families.

And secondly, this just reaffirms our geeky man mantra. Why Geeks Are The New Chic

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