Ever Feel Like Meeting A Man Is Hard Work?

meeting a man

Are you doing enough to meet a man?

Sometimes, without even meaning to, other people can make you feel you're not doing enough to meet men. A relative asks about your dating status, or a friend gets engaged, and you're like, Uh-oh! I better giddyup! Luckily, that hasn't happened to me in a long while.

But take for instance this dog. My dad's neighbor's dog has a calling card. No joke. It says that Nani the dog is female, weighs 85 pounds, was born in 2004, and enjoys surfing, kayaking, eating, and sleeping. Nani is the "World's First Surfing Bernese Mountain Dog." Seriously!

For some reason, my first thought was not, why give a dog a card, but, sadly, Do I need a calling card? Have I been asleep at the switch? A neighbor's dog has a card with photos of herself and contact info. Should I have a calling card?? 

It's like finding out your unemployed friend was sending out 100 resumes a week, and you were only sending out 20. Or you're living in NYC, constantly striking out with the opposite sex, and your friend in the suburbs somewhere is surrounded by relationship-ready men. You have to wonder: are you sitting on your can when you should be packing boxes and reserving a U-Haul?

I know I've tried speed dating and eHarms, but…eh. Am I doing enough?? How much luck are we responsible for? How much is in the stars? Do you ever get that nagging feeling that you shouldn't be sitting at home on a Friday night?

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