Bradley Cooper And Renée Zellweger Get Serious

Bradley Cooper and Reneé Zellweger

Following breakup rumors, Bradley reveals plans to take Renée home for the holidays

Although rumors had surfaced over the weekend that Bradley Cooper had dumped his pouty-faced paramour, Renée Zellweger, it now seems that their relationship is actually stronger than ever.

The Hangover's hunky star has gained something of a reputation as a Romeo—since divorcing Jennifer Esposito in 2007 (after only four months of marriage), he has been linked to Rhona Mitra, Denise Richards, Jennifer Aniston, and producer Holly Wiersma. Bradley's been enjoying a semi-secret romance with Renée since July, but recent word on the street was that when the four-month itch struck again, he promptly gave her the "I'm not ready for a committment" speech.  Survey: Men Take Commitment VERY Seriously

However, an anonymous "friend" of Reneé's told the New York Daily News that those reports couldn't be further from the truth, and that the Chicago star will be spending the holidays in Philadelphia chez Cooper. The friend happily reports, "Things have been heading in this direction for the two of them for a while. But this definitely solidifies how serious they are...Renée and Bradley are crazy about each other."

Bradley reportedly first introduced Renée to Mom and Dad early last month. We guess if she's getting the nod for the traditional family holiday feast, she must have passed the parent test with flying colors. Impress His Mother This Holiday Season