Details On The Steve Phillips Scandal

steve phillips

Baseball analyst Steve Phillips had an extra-marital affair with a production assistant.

If you've been watching the Major League playoffs, you probably have noticed a preponderance of bad calls. Guys who were called safe were clearly out, drives down the line were called foul when they were clearly fair and strategic substitutions were made that clearly made no sense. Something about poor judgment is in the baseball gestalt.

That's why it's not terribly surprising that the New York Post is reporting that ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been making some really bad calls in his personal life. Per the Post, the former general manager of the New York Mets had an extra-marital affair with a PA (production assistant). Steve Phillips had a summer fling with a Brooke Hundley and it turned ugly after he broke it off. Read: 3 Ways To Handle Infidelity Like A Celebrity

The 22-year old did not take the breakup well and began supposedly began harassing the Phillips family. This harassment included creepy phone calls, a surreptitiously-delivered letter followed by a scary car-crash, Facebooking and stalking Phillips' 16-year old kid. 

Evidently, this was not the first time that Steve Phillips strayed from his marital vows. While working for the Mets, he was hit with a sexual harassment suit by a woman he exchanged fluids with. And bringing this possibly dangerous individual into this family's orbit was the final straw for Steve Phillips' wife Marni. Evidently, she filed for divorce in the last few weeks. Strangely, per the report, Steve Phillips actually deeded the Phillips family home to his wife a couple of months ago. Check in with the NY Post for statements from Steve, Marni and their teenager plus the letter that Brooke Hundley left for Marni to read. Read: Divorce Battle Centers Around Great Atlanta Braves Tickets

Strange days at the Worldwide Leader In Sports. Steve Phillips has been suspended from the cable sports station for one week. Phillips' former colleague, Harold Reynolds, was released from ESPN for a supposed sexual harassment case though he was later partially vindicated by being awarded an unknown (but likely large) settlement.

Maybe now you'll have something to talk about during the World Series.

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