How Important Is Oral Sex To You?

How Important is Oral Sex To You?

I don't think many women will disagree with the idea that foreplay is a must before having sex with a man for the first time. There's nothing more disappointing than having a man just trying to jump on top of you without giving your some mouth love- dry sex is as uncomfortable as a vending machine tampon. Agreed?

Only during quickies should you forego oral sex. Any other time you better expect the man to get on his knees and give you some tongue action. I actually have to come out and admit that oral sex in porn is such a huge turn on. It's so sexy to see a man on his knees eating a woman and watching her get off as he licks her plate clean. It's hot.

I can't imagine anyone not wanting to get on their knees and kiss those lovely body parts. Women love to give oral sex because it's empowering to have a man lose his mind as their mouths have a tight grip around their cocks. I even have a girlfriend that brags about giving the best oral sex around; her face just lights up as she gives explicit details about her fellatios. As one guy friend shared, "If you can give a toe curling blowjob you got us by the balls." It's mind blowing to have that sexual power. I love seeing my man toss and turn on the bed as I'm busy wrapping my lips around him. His moans turn me on.

I couldn't enjoy sex with a man that didn't want to get on his knees and give me some back arching licks. I love looking down and seeing my man's head buried inside of me. It really excites me just like it excites a man to see a woman suck his cock. It's an arousing visual. As one of my girlfriends said, "I love it when men eat my pink taco" and I couldn't agree. Tu quieres Taco Bell? I got a pink taco for you! ;)

Sadly, a few men are either selfish or have no clue on how to truly please a woman because they have no interest to bury their heads between our legs. That to me is a huge turn off and I'm surprised these men are getting sex. These are the type of men you just sit on and ride them until you reach your orgasm and then complain of a tummy ache and excuse yourself to the restroom and stay in there playing with your hair until his erection wears off. Seriously. Even better, just put your clothes back on and just dry hump his greedy self for awhile. He's not worth the sex.

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Ladies, how important is oral sex to you?