Robert Pattinson's Mom Believes What She Reads

Robert Pattinson

And she already has her mother-of-the-groom dress picked out!

Robert Pattinson's mom is just a little bit gullible when it comes to tabloid reports about her suddenly famous son. "My mom says, 'I can't believe you did this,' and I'm like, 'I didn't do it.' She's like, 'yes you did, I know you did,'" he told reporters. If that's true, Mama Pattinson must be super-excited about her son's upcoming wedding to Kristen Stewart, and a little grossed out by OK!'s hilariously delusional coverage of their Vancouver love nest.

Rob avers that his credible mum only focuses on the times he mentions bad behavior and it shows up in the tabloids. "It was about swearing," he says. "I was like, 'say something about sleeping with people and swearing and stuff, I wasn't even in the city.' And she's just like, 'no, I don't believe, I bet you did say that.'"

Here are a few other things that Rob's mom believes because she read them in a book: Rob is actually a 90-year-old piano-playing emo stalker vampire, the Masons did some very unpleasant things in Washington D.C. back in the day, and we should all be ready for the coming zombie war. This sort of nonsense is exactly why we won't friend our mom on Facebook. Facebook Manners And You

Look for even more specious reports to come out of the various stars' camps as the New Moon publicity machine shifts into high gear over the next month. We're kind of hoping that Peter Facinelli shows up on Dr. Oz's show to talk about the health benefits of drinking animal blood, and Taylor Lautner makes a cameo appearance when his alleged ladyfriend Taylor Swift hosts Saturday Night Live next month.

Via Hollyscoop. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.