The Next Bachelor Is Revealed. Predictable? Yes.

the bachelor

Mr. Nice Guy (aka, Jake Pavelka) gets the love he deserves by being the next Bachelor.

Oh, we saw it coming a million miles away. Commercial pilot Jake Pavelka has been crowned the latest Bachelor, as ABC announced on Tuesday night's Dancing With the Stars
The 31-year-old Texan will pick and choose from dozens of hopeful ladies in The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (gag!), which is set to air in January 2010.
You probably remember Jake. It's hard to forget his c@#k-block move against Wes, the obnoxious country singer. After Jake had been eliminated, he showed up at Jillian's door to warn her of Wes’s devious ways—namely, the fact that he came on the show with a girlfriend. And ran his mouth about it to the other men. 
While it was a bold move (and probably most certainly in violation of the bro code), many a woman swooned when he put his neck on the line for the sweet-natured, trusting bachelorette Jillian.
If a Bachelorette fairy godmother existed, she would have put Jake back in the competition for Jillian's heart, but, alas, life is cruel and Jillian thanked him, then showed him the door. She quickly disregarded his information and advice. And then she kind of got burned, when it turned out that Wes did in fact have a real-live girlfriend. Ouch.
Turns out, there is a Bachelor fairy godmother, because Jake is the next rose-dispensing machine, er, man. He's tender, sweet, good-natured. Did we mention he's a pilot? We can't wait to tune in to see how just how wild the girls will go for him.