Marriage Is, Like, So Last Generation

is marriage antiquated?

One-third of young Americans believe that marriage is an "antiquated institution." Is debt to blame?

Love and marriage, love and marriage, they say it goes together like a horse and carriage. Well, perhaps it did in times gone by, when things like "horses" and "carriages" were relevant.

Unless you're living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, they just aren't anymore, are they?

If you count yourself in the under-30 crowd then you're sure to agree: One-third of young Americans (18-29) believe that marriage is an "antiquated institution," according to a newly released Zogby/Scoop44 interactive survey.

Contrast that against the 30-49, 50-64, and 65+ brackets—which definitively answered "not antiquated" (less than a quarter of people 30-49 and only 12 percent of senior citizens think marriage needs an update).

What's with all this? Could it be, as some suggest, "a fundamental cultural liberal-conservative split between the young and old demographics?" Is the sentiment a product of the divorced home? Is it the gays? Proof that recent same-sex in-roads are destroying the sanctity of marriage? Or, is FOX's prime-time programming is the more likely culprit?

Seriously, who is to blame for the sorry state of marriage? What else has changed within American cultural fabric that could answer for this? Full Disclosure: His Finances, His Health

Exhibit A: The lyrics to that free credit report commercial.

I married my dream girl.
But, she didn't tell me her credit was bad.
So now, instead of living in a pleasant suburb,
we're living in the basement at her mom and dad's.
No, we can't get a loan
for a respectable home
just because my girl defaulted
On some old credit card
If we'd gone to Free Credit Report dot com
I'd be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard.

Debt. We all have it, and it's only getting worse, especially so for the younger generations slated to bear the full burden of the current financial catastrophe.

Would you marry someone with $100K in student loan debt? Mounting credit card bills? With unlikely prospects of securing a job that makes more than $30K in the foreseeable future? How To Tackle Money Matters In Relationships

Think about it, there is absolutely no incentive for the young ones to hitch themselves to another person's bad credit, and to this LoveBuzzer that's the real reason behind the survey results.

Agree, disagree? What are your thoughts: Is marriage so last generation?