Wacky Childhood Misconceptions About Sex

confused child scratching top of head

From bellybutton babies to vagina dentatas, we've all had them.

In country star Loretta Lynn's delightful memoir, Still Woman Enough, she discloses that she didn't know that having babies was caused by having sex until after she was married and pregnant. Lemondrop: How 'Why Women Have Sex' Changes

We hear you, Loretta. After a recent informal survey around the office, we found out that we had some pretty wacky sexual misconceptions growing up. So we asked our friends, co—workers, and Twitter buddies to tell us their most wrong—headed notions about "makin' time." Lemondrop: Things to Say During Sex

Below, check out our roundup of childhood sexual misconceptions, helpfully ranked on a scale of Sexual Confusion. And thank your lucky stars for public school and HBO, because if we hadn't eventually learned about sex, we'd all be pregnant, in prison, or incredibly frustrated by the search for the elusive navel G-spot. Lemondrop: More Childhood Sexual Misconceptions From Our Readers

Misconception: "I thought sex was naked people on top of each other groping and kissing, like in movies. In fifth grade, my brother told me the penis went INSIDE. I was horrified." — Meg, 28


Sexual Confusion Index: 3 out 11.

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Written by Julieanne Smolinski for Lemondrop