Single Justin Timberlake On The Prowl

Justin Timberlake Dumps Jessica Biel

After the breakup, Justin dances his way to the next girl while Jessica heads for the hills.

Three years is a good run, especially for a twenty-something celebrity couple, which in Hollywood years really amounts to something at least past the seven year mark.

Justin Timberlake, 28, has announced that it's over between him and Jessica Biel, 27, and has followed up these words with actions. Not only is he talking the talk of the split, but walking the walk—or in this case, dancing the dance.

While he was in NYC in September to show his William Rast clothing line at Fashion Week, "Justin was clearly on the hunt," the pal tells Us Weekly.

At a club September 9, he dirty-danced with a tall blonde in a short black dress. At one point, she turned to her friend and mouthed, 'Oh, my God!' [Source: Us Weekly]

Like that leggy blonde, Biel, too, cannot believe it, and is reportedly in "severe denial and won't accept" the split. Is it because she is just too good looking? Is that why JT dumped her? "It really is a problem," she has said of her hotness.

Perhaps in an attempt to clear her head, Ms. Biel has signed up to climb Africa's highest mountain. Of course, it also could be to raise awareness for the need for clean drinking water worldwide. Whatever premise you accept, it's clear that in spite of a broken heart the starlet is moving up and on from the relationship.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin, Scoop via Us Weekly.