Would You Have Sex With Tucker Max?

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A willing victim recounts her experience with the man whore, the myth, the legend.

Tucker Max. If you're in college, you probably know him and his infamous stories.

If not, let me enlighten you. Tucker Max is a blogger-turned-author-turned-movie-producer who's basically famous for drinking to obliteration and having sex with girls whom he later savages in graphic detail on his site, TuckerMax.com.

Why does anybody care? Unfortunately, he happens to be pretty smart and a funny writer, so he landed a book deal. A few years later his collection of tell-all drunken sex essays, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, was made into a movie. Lemondrop: We Talk to Tucker Max, Manskank,  About His Movie & Mommy Issues.

I met him at a bar after his premiere in State College. And I slept with him. Lemondrop: A Week Of Sex Excuses

This is my story.

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 Written by Courtney A. for Lemondrop