Body Exhibit To Feature Cadaver Sex

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Body Worlds is set to crank up the plastination and exhibitionism at the next exhibit.

Anyone who has seen one of those dead bodies exhibits knows two things: 1) It's pretty cool and 2) it's pretty weird. Granted, it's resin and epoxy (so called plastination) but there's something vaguely creepy about up seemingly ambulatory corpses performing everyday tasks sans skin. And things are about to get a whole lot weirder as Gunther von Hagens and wife Angelina Whalley are expanding the exhibition into more risqué territory: copulation. Read: Erotic Art Aims to Stimulate More Than The Mind

Per Reuters, von Hagens and Whalley have included a pair of boning (heh) cadavers as part of an exhibit called "Cycle Of Life" (and just barely missed a lawsuit by Elton John). Surprisingly, the Swiss were pretty cool with it and the residents of Berlin were off-put. Given the warm reception (from people in Switzerland anyhow) for the two bodies getting it on, the next exhibit is scheduled to include more people engaged in simulated baby-making.

In addition to ho-hum, garden-variety man-on-woman intercourse, the show promises to include some same-sex hook-ups, "We have discussed whether it is proper to show homosexuality and in what way. This is a very delicate subject," says von Hagens.

Speaking of delicate subjects, Body Worlds has encountered some amount of notoriety as certain groups are not entirely comfortable with the process of plastination and think some amount of dignity has been not afforded to the dead. It should be pointed out that bodies used for the actual Body Worlds have been donated by their former owners. And copycat exhibits have run into some issues by not being able to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove where their bodies originated, particularly those from China.

Issues of morality and proper respect for the human condition aside, it'll be nice that the children and young adults of whichever cities the exhibit can finally see grown, semi-consenting adults doing the most intimate and precious thing two people can do together. Read: How To Have Sex In Public

This sort of reminds me of classic sketch from Chappelle's Show in which a gang steals the body of a rival gang's leader and makes it do humiliating things like wear women's shoes and high five his sworn foes. More or less Boyz N The Hood meets a bully asking you, "Why are you hitting yourself?," when striking with you your own hand: hilarious.