The Power Of Couples Massage

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This oft forgotten yet easy wasy to surprise a partner ranks among most romantic gestures.

We were once pulled into a cab, on the fly, and told by a boyfriend that we were going to a surprise place. Turns out it was a basement spot in New York City's China Town where 30-minute reflexology foot massages were ordered up. It was our first experience with reflexology and it was heavenly. Indeed, on the scale of most-romantic-things-a-boyfriend's-ever-done we'd have to say this ranks among the very highest. Shocked? You shouldn't be. More than red roses, a massage or surprise trip to the masseuse is one of the most romantic, caring gestures a loving partner can make. Best yet, it's ridiculously easy to pull off this romantic stunt (nudge, nudge). 

Sharing massages with a partner is one of the ideal couples activities. It offers an intimate way to get to know each other's bodies (where one is ticklish, where one is tense). Not to mention that just the sheer act of acknowledging that a loved one encounters stress from time to time and showing that you want to help him or her work out the kinks and unwind speaks volumes about how much you care. 

Nothing releases tension like kneading hands. Massage is an ancient and effective relaxation technique that requires no extra equipment, such as cd's or mats. What's more, giving and receiving massages is a way for partners to practice the art of give-and-take.

There are plenty of ways a couple can enjoy massages together. The first is to actually roll up the sleeves and perform them on each other. You can also surprise your partner at the end of a workweek with a surprise trip for two (way cheaper than a tropical vacation, we might add) to the masseuse or even schedule an at-home appointment with a professional.

If you find you really enjoy giving massages then it may be time to look into a course where you (and your partner, if you're interested in learning together) can enhance your massage techniques and learn how to add some props (such as reflexology charts, heated basalt stones or hot medicated oils) to your standard repertoire. We uncovered this handy description of 12 popular massage types at the Huffington Post where you can beef up on your massage smarts (from Shaitsu to Thai to Rolfing). It's Friday and the week is done. We'd say your loved ones deserves a massage...tonight!

Readers, what's your favorite type of massage?