Simon Cowell Still Loving Lap Dances

simon cowell lap dance

While out at a club, Simon Cowell is seen enjoying a lap dance from an unknown brunette.

It has become pretty clear that, despite rumors to the contrary, American Idol judge Simon Cowell enjoys the company of a lady every now and again. And by company, we mean a lady giving him a lap dance—presumably to reward him for all of his hard work discovering unknown talent all over America and Britain. Susan Boyle Offered Starring Role In Porn Flick

Cowell was spotted out at club VIP in Saint-Tropez, France on Sunday, and during part of his night of fun, he received what looked to be a lap dance from an unknown brunette. Radar Online has a few nice pictures of the dance and Cowell's surprised face when he realized he was being photographed. Although the mystery woman's face cannot be seen in any of the pictures, she and Cowell appear to be enjoying themselves. Read: Why Simon Cowell Is Off Women

A little over a month ago Cowell and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest were seen leaving the strip club Stringfellows in London, England. Both were sporting huge grins, and Simon's face had a few too many lipstick smudges to think they came from Paula Abdul or Kara DioGuardi giving him a kiss hello. So it comes as no surprise that Cowell would be game for a lap dance while visiting the south of France. Read: Idol Minds: Cook Splits Up, DioGuardi Engaged

At this point no one knows who the woman is, but after recent reports that Abdul might not be returning for the next season of American Idol, maybe Cowell was simply trying to take his mind of off no longer sitting next to his potential romantic interest for months on end. Read: Simon Says He And Paula Secretly In Love

Apparently after Seacrest was rewarded with a three-year, $45 million contract, Abdul wanted to get a healthy raise as well. As of now, the producers aren't matching what she's asking for, so it remains to be seen whether she and Simon will be cozying up for season nine. Either way, it seems Cowell is always ready to sit back and relax, forget about all things Idol, and enjoy a nice lady dancing on his lap.

Photo Courtesy of Bauer Griffin