7 Best Husbands Of Sci-Fi TV

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These sci-fi guys are pretty good husbands, warts and all.

Science fiction television appears to be in a renaissance. Unfortunately, the networks are too concerned with things like "viewers," "ratings" and "revenue" to see brilliance when it smacks them in their collective, unoriginal face. But the die-hard fans aren't. We know quality programming when we see it, even if it only appeals to an extra-brilliant niche. Read: Throwing A Sci-Fi Theme Wedding

Our homies over at Lemondrop love some nerd TV. More than that, they love the men of sci-fi, especially Mr. Spock. They practically gush about the Vulcan half-breed science officer (check out why). But I'm not convinced he would make such a great husband. Something about his talk of logic would get old really fast. But there is something about sci-fi dudes that get the ladies all riled up (a list of sci-fi guys that the gals at Lemondrop would sex up). Is it their heroism? Their braininess? Their brainy heroics? Their heroic brains? Whatever the case, some characters on sci-fi* TV are pretty excellent husbands. Here are the best:

-Captain Awesome (Chuck, Ryan McPartlin): The title character's brother-in-law is, in a word, awesome. He's awesome at the stuff he does. He says "awesome" a lot. And he's a pretty awesome husband to Chuck's sister Ellie Bartowski. Does he keep some secrets from his wife? Yes, for national (and Chuck's) security. No one's perfect, no matter how awesome they are.

-Hermes Conrad (Futurama, Phil LaMarr): OK, he's a bit stiff. But the former Olympic Limbo star is a great husband to LaBarbara. Though it should be noted that he's really bad at picking family vacations like a cruise on the Titanic or a trip to a forced-labor camp.

-Dr. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula): I could watch Dr. Sam Beckett get in adventures and solve mysteries all day long. Which is why I'm grateful for SyFy marathons of QL. While he has a hard time actually being there for his wife (given the time travelling), it's always been my theory that he concocted Project Quantum Leap to prevent his wife Donna from leaving him at the altar. If a guy will hop about time for you, he's a keeper.

-Dan Vassar (Journeyman, Kevin McKidd): I'm still pissed at the Peacock for canceling this sci-fi bundle of goodness. And, no, it's not the exact same thing as Quantum Leap. Dan is a reporter who happens to (quantum) leap about in time and solve mysteries. He is as loving a husband as an inadvertant time-tripper can possibly be. His wife, Katie, is the only person he really trusts with his condition and really does all he can to not let her down. He has risked life and limb for her time and time again. Sure he sometimes spends time with his ex-fiancee, Livia, but he can't help it, OK. It's something to do with inter-linked karma that NBC never let them fully explore.

-Commander William Riker (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jonathan Frakes): I could listen to Riker (Jonathan Frakes) read a phonebook. He's as loyal as they come. He had multiple opportunities to leave the Enterprise and make his career happen elsewhere. But nah, he stuck it out with Jean Luc Picard, StarFleet's best captain. Was it to stay close to his once-flame and future-wife, the telepathic Counselor Troi? My guess, yep!

-Hoban Washburne (Firefly, Alan Tudyk): Firefly is a masterpiece of cult sci-fi dope-ness. While "Wash" is a little jealous of his wife Zoe's relationship with Captain Mal, he does a good job of keeping cool. In fact, cool (not sangfroid, the other kind of cool) is the pilot of the Serenity's thing. Though not very physical, he'll throw caution to the wind to protect his wife and crewmates (to a lesser extent). A moment of silence for "Wash," please.

-Jin-soo Kwon (Lost, Daniel Dae Kim): Yes, Jin is a hothead. Yes, Jin has killed people. Yes, Jin has maybe crossed the line of good judgement regarding arguments with his wife. But dude is like that Bryan Adams song, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You." Here's another dude willing to bounce through time (and presumably space) to be reunited with his wife. Not a knock against him as a husband, but for a tough guy, Jin sure gets beat-up/ knocked out a lot.

-"Helo" Karl Agathon (Battlestar Galactica, Tahmoh Penikett): Helo, while a bit dull, is a pretty decent husband to Sharon Valerii (and her Cylon doppleganger). Despite being a member of a robotic alien race (who want nothing but the destruction of mankind), Helo is really good to his wife. He's a highly moral man and actually disobeys orders to stop a virus from destroying the Cylons. But dude is no Cylon-lover as he's fought the fraks on land and in space whenever given the opportunity.

*Note: We're defining Sci-Fi very tightly, no super heroes, no supernatural characters (vampires) and no magic. We'll fry up those lists later.

Let us know who we missed. Keep in mind it has to be Sci-Fi (per our definition) and has to be a husband.

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