Gender Roles Reversed: Stay-At-Home Husband

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The recession allows one husband to stay home and care for his pregnant wife.

I spent the afternoon yesterday dismantling my desk and bookcase and moving them out of our bedroom: We are staging our apartment yet again. It's been on the market for months, and we've redoubled our efforts to get it sold. New broker, new price, new priorities: we needed to let in more light and air, make the place roomier. Photos: Beautiful Master Bedroom Designs

Of course, I still have my other duties; as Debbie becomes increasingly immobilized by the pregnancy, I need to take up the slack and become more mobile. I've spent weeks perfecting the choreography: out of bed, dash to kitchen, make eggs for Deb before she gets up to stave off pukiness, step over/around cat, feed cat, serve eggs while pushing cat food can out of sight with foot (to stave off pukiness) make myself coffee, WAKE UP, start day (supply Deb with endless water, rub feet, feel for twins jostling in belly, clean kitchen for open house, make/plan dinner, hit sack, stop snoring, get up REPEAT…Read: A Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Dad

Meanwhile, Deb has somehow managed to partner with a friend to start a new online social network for women writers. Yesterday they were working out of our place even as I was doing my domestic pirouettes around them.

As I watched them work, I felt a thousand miles away from my staff job, and a million miles away from business as I knew it. It wasn't just a gender thing; I was seeing physical evidence of that tectonic shift we've all been reading about for years. The corporate office as safe haven from domestic reality is finally dying. Here are my pregnant wife and her friend, a newly single mom, venturing forth together into the wide world on the deck of a new business model. No doubt about it: this is Oz territory.Read: Pregnant Women Working Later

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