Don't Want To Hook Up? Kelly Clarkson Can Help

kelly clarkson
Love, Heartbreak

The singer has created a rejection hotline to deter unsavory dates and booty calls.

Kelly Clarkson is known for a lot of things—winning the first season of American Idol; having multiple number one hits; starring in the dreadful From Justin to Kelly. However, according to her official website and Facebook page, Ms. Clarkson might become known for something else—rejection.

Miss Independent recently launched the "I Do Not Hook Up hotline"—an aptly titled phone service that not only promotes the singer's latest single but also gives us all an easy out from any uncomfortable dating situation. The number, 973-409-3267, appears as harmless enough digits and could easily be a number from North Jersey.

Beyond this being a fun, novel idea for promoting a song—it's also an interesting concept. What type of message does one put on a rejection hotline?

Upon calling it, we were told that we did not reach the person we were attempting to call (well, we actually did) and that whoever gave out this number wanted to let us know they wanted us to take it slow and that they don't hook up. Of course this message was intermittently interrupted by Clarkson's crowing the like "I Do Not Hook Up."

Again, with the only downside being that you have to remember this number (and make sure the target doesn't call the number in front of you) this is a really creative way to reject people at a bar. But in case you are desperately trying to avoid giving your digits out and can't recall Kelly's helpful number, here are some other creative ways to reject a potential suitor.

Offer an e-mail address. Who really uses a phone anymore anyhow? There are two pluses to giving your e-mail address as opposed to your number. First, there is always a spam filter. Second, if you really want you can always give a fake e-mail address. How does he know you don't use Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Tell him your phone was shut off. With the current economy going on, it may not even be that big of a lie. Plus, you may even be able to get sympathy drinks out of it.

Divert the guy's attention. Point someone else out and help the poor sap go after her. Sure, it might be breaking a rule of the sisterhood, but maybe she'll be interested. Great Wingwomen From Film And TV

Play insulting songs. If you're at a bar with a MegaTouch or karaoke, disappear for a moment or two and tell him you're going to play (or sing) some songs. which include Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up," or TLC's "No Scrubs." We recommend singing it at the top of your lungs (even if it's not karaoke.)

Update your status message. This is where iPhones and Blackberries come in handy. Ask the potential suitor to help you update your Facebook or MySpace status. While he might say something like "Beth is looking incredibly sexy at a bar," counter with something like "Beth is desperate to get away from a creepy man at a bar" or "Beth thinks some people need to leave her alone." While not the most subtle way to reject someone, they'll definitely get the message. Facebook Manners And You

Tell us: what tricks do you have to reject people?

Photo courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.