Rihanna Wants To Remain Friends With Chris Brown

rihanna chris brown friends

Rihanna's dad thinks Brown should be in jail, but the pop star wants to improve their friendship.

When Chris Brown pled guilty to the felony assault charges last week, the judge ordered him to six months of hard labor (i.e. community service where he actually has to work) and five years of probation. In addition, he issued a restraining order that said the hip-hop star could not go within 50 yards of former girlfriend, Rihanna, unless they are attending the same industry event, in which case it is only 10 yards. Read: Chris Brown Guilty, Receives Community Service

According to Starpulse, the reactions to the sentencing have been mixed. Rihanna and Chris Brown want the restraining order lifted so they can work on their friendship. The two already broke the order when they spoke on the phone after the court proceedings. A source told The Daily News that while the music stars have no intentions of getting back together romantically, they do want to improve their friendship. Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

However, Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, thought that the sentence Brown received wasn't heavy enough.

He was quoted saying, "Chris should have been sent to jail for what he did to my girl. He got off lightly. Chris put her through hell."

It would be interesting to know what he thinks of his daughter making nice with the guy who copped to hitting, choking and biting her. It will be up to the judge to decide whether or not the restraining order remains in place. Hopefully however it shakes out, Rihanna is able to move ahead with her life and can continue making great music.

Photo courtesy of Splashnews