6 Wedding-Themed TV Shows To Watch

Bride and groom on their wedding day

Wedding season has officially hit, and TV networks are making sure to give viewers their fill of wedding hijinks, bridal drama, and newlywed bliss. Here's a list of just a few of the wedding-themed shows TV has to offer.

Here Come The Newlyweds (ABC, Mondays 10pm EST)

Here Come The Newlyweds has newly married couples compete against other just-married couples for a large cash prize (last season’s winners won more than $400,000). The couples compete in physical challenges as well as "how well do you know each other" trivia contests in a throwback to the original newlywed show, The Newlywed Game. Watch: Why Do Men Get Married?

Wedding Day (TNT, Tuesdays 8pm EST)

Premiering June 16, this show works around the notion that every couple deserves their dream wedding. Each episode features a different couple receiving the wedding of their dreams with the help of a celebrity event and wedding planner. Besides showing the events leading up to the big day, the series will show audiences the background of each bride and groom. Seems similar to ABC’s Extreme Makeover but with wedding cake and flowers instead of hammers and nails.

The Little Couple (TLC, Tuesdays 10pm EST)

The Little Couple follows the lives of newlyweds Bill Klein and Jen Arnold who are both under four feet tall. The show explores what life is like for the newlyweds as they try to adapt to living together and starting their life in a new city.

Wedded To Perfection (TLC, Fridays 10pm EST)

So what if you can't afford to have a glamorous wedding that Blair Waldorf would be proud to attend? Watch Wedded To Perfection to get your high-society wedding fix. The show details the lives of Jung Lee and Josh Brooks, owners of Fete Events, who manage outlandish New York weddings—including the sometimes over-demanding brides-to-be.

Bridezillas (WE, Sundays 9pm EST)

Any fool knows that the bride is boss when it comes to her wedding. Bridezillas looks at some of the more spoiled and tantrum prone brides out there, following their lives in the days that lead up to their weddings. And for these brides, money and time constraints don't mean anything. But in their defense, it is their day. Read: Wedding Day Disasters

And for an exciting glimpse at the future of wedding reality TV, look out for Fox's I Married A Stranger.

The title says it all. Fox is developing a show where the basic premise is that family and friends choose your future husband from a group of strangers, leaving the blindfolded bride to her fate on the last episode. We hope there’s a good divorce lawyer on set.Read: Would You Marry A Man Sight Unseen?

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