Bette Midler's Dating Advice To Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

The Divine Miss M tells Aniston she needs to get an exciting guy, like a race car driver!

The fabulously versatile singer, songwriter and actress, Bette Midler, has advice for America's favorite single sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. In an interview with People magazine, she says that Jen needs, ''an exciting guy, like a race-car driver,'' and goes on to add, ''I think she needs somebody who cherishes her, but also somebody who's going to give her a run for her money.''

The obsession with the status of Jennifer Aniston's love life at any given point is a phenomenon unto itself. A high profile marriage, a very public divorce, countless rumors about the Jen, Brad and Angelina triangle have kept her matters of the heart very much in the spotlight. And while Jen has no doubt received tons of advice throughout the years, she'd be smart to listen to Midler's.

A stalwart of the entertainment industry—with multiple Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe awards and two Academy Award nominations—under her belt, Midler has also been married for 24 years to performance artist Martin von Haselberg. She told People magazine that Jen ''should find someone who is really hot, who's not in show business. Somebody with a lot of money, and she should live the large life.'' Read: 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

The Divine Miss M also weighed in on Aniston's two most recent relationships. Obviously fond of Vince Vaughn who dated Aniston for about a year, Midler said, ''He's hilarious, he's good-looking. I mean, I thought he had it all.'' And while she gushed about Vaughn, she was more politically correct when it came to Aniston's most recent ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, saying, ''I've got to say, I watched it for awhile, but I have no opinion. I just read a few of the blogs.'' Read: Aniston Dumped Mayer Because Of Twitter

Take The Divine Ms M's advice, Jen. With her experience and over two decades of marriage, she probably knows what she's talking about!